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Florida Drupal Camp


This year, Florida Drupalcamp will be held Friday, February 16th through Sunday, February 18th in Orlando. Friday will be full day trainings. Saturday will be full day sessions, and Sunday will be a mix of sessions and code sprints. 

Women in Drupal


Approximately 1.5% of the people involved in open source are women, leaving us (women) terribly underrepresented. In the Drupal world, we're up to nearly 17%, which means that we are under-represented. Here is a group for anyone (male, female, or otherwise) who believes that they can do better and wants to help.So if you:
  • are a woman who needs some help/guidance in order to get (more) involved with Drupal and the Drupal community
  • are a woman who wants to network and get to know other women involved in Drupal
  • are anyone who has ideas on things we can do to help encourage women to participate in Drupal
...then check-out this group.

Simply TPL

Drupal Level
Drupal 7


But Why??


Did you ever not like the way your output looks and changing the css is not work. Then you need to change the way your output is generated, whether it be a node, view or webform.

Adding Synonyms to your taxomony term.

Drupal Level
Drupal 7

Do you have a need to link similar terms together?

Have you ever needed to set up your indexed search to link similar things together. Well, if this is the case then you want to add synonyms to your taxonomy terms.  The process is relatively simple. First download and enable the synonym and taxonomy manager modules. The taxonomy manger module give you a hierarchy tree to view the content of your vocabulary, as well as, allows you to edit the terms.

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