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Posting a bunch of the DrupalChix logo files here for posterity, so everyone can find and use them whenever they need!

I had to turn the big file from Naxoc into a .gz file to upload it here, but FYI it contains several .pngs in different colours plus on .eps file. This is the file "drupalchixlogos.tar_.gz"

Got the other set from Rainbreaw, which is the file "…

There have been a number of comments about how to find other women in Drupal. We're scattered around, but maybe not as much as we think. And it would be nice to know if there are other DrupalChix nearby. Maybe it could even lead to some regional DrupalChix get-togethers :-)

Anyway, a fancy Google Map with everyone's location would be cool, but I know many of us are not sure we want…


2021-05-26 14:00 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles

I've got another job post to share here. Come work at Promet Source where over half the people in leadership are Women!!