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Posting a bunch of the DrupalChix logo files here for posterity, so everyone can find and use them whenever they need!

I had to turn the big file from Naxoc into a .gz file to upload it here, but FYI it contains several .pngs in different colours plus on .eps file. This is the file "drupalchixlogos.tar_.gz"

Got the other set from Rainbreaw, which is the file "drupalchixlogos2.tar_.gz" - it has the two different versions of the Drupalchix logo that they created for LA Drupal. She says:

The one labeled is actually the logo itself in AI, but it's the wrong color (and colors can be changed). It was reconstructed from a png from a while back by Jay Lee and Rain (mostly Jay).

The one labeled was created by ThisByThem for t-shirts for DrupalCampLA 2010. TxT should probably get credit where ever the file is made available.

drupalchixlogos.tar_.gz1.1 MB
drupalchixlogos2.tar_.gz1.85 MB